Never apologize for showing feelings. When you do so, you apologize for the truth. - Benjamin Disraeli

60's poster

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(unknown artist)

Pink Floyd, after psychedelic poster art. Contrast between black and yellow creates visual tension and directs attention to three main points of focus, The type, the half moon and the topless female, this piece uses irregular balance, a more common principle in historical band posters.


moons by lunartribes <3

If you look too closely, you can't see the bigger picture.


Illustration of girl cutting her hair by Amanda Chung

North Carolina-based artist Kelly Keith specializes in technicolor, retro, psychedelic, pop paintings that I’m pretty into.


pop art - i have this strange feeling Madison has this hanging in her bedroom

ACID LAND 1967 (black light poster)

trading card style art nouveau figure


Sveta Dorosheva

I want a tee with this on it

Goddess of Prosperity.

.:.:.:.:.:.psychedelic art.:.:.:.:.:.

sleep and let the reality dissipate... the fear of being all alone is real but only in my dreams can I truly feel the connection of another being