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60's poster

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Illustration of girl cutting her hair by Amanda Chung

(unknown artist)

" tentacles flowed throughout the murky water and beyond the shades of musty pink as these gentle creatures inflicted much pain upon humble intruders "

Pink Floyd, after psychedelic poster art. Contrast between black and yellow creates visual tension and directs attention to three main points of focus, The type, the half moon and the topless female, this piece uses irregular balance, a more common principle in historical band posters.


I want a tee with this on it

Trippy Spiral Beach Towel!

Well I am! Previous pinner said: THis is so original and trippy. Too bad I'm not a Skull kind of girl

Trippy Collage

If you look too closely, you can't see the bigger picture.


Strength tarot card Etsy listing at

by Nanda Correa

Child Fashion illustration by Antonio Lopez. The Wind Dancers, vintage 1960s Vogue magazine.

Twin Flame - Twin Souls - What is a Twin+Flame - Divine Twin Flame Reunion, Twin Flames, Twin Soul, Soulmates, Love

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