Explore Mountains and more!

Give me mountains and love

Give me mountains and love

Volkswagon bus <3

Let's go on a adventure! These people love exploring traveling to various new exotic places the world has to offer. Appreciate nature and beauty.

Ok two are from Canada so they must mean great NORTH American lakes...but I'd love to see them all anyways!

10 Of the Most Amazing American Lakes

We put together a list of must-do Disney experiences that go beyond the ordinary agenda of theme park rides and cartoon films. And once you've completed them all, you can undoubtedly call yourself a Disney fan.

Every Disney Fan Should Complete This Incredible Bucket List


Hope you Find Inspiration in these Words! Some Very Motivational, Inspiring, Funny and Romantic Travel Quotes for those that have Gypsy Souls at Heart. Please Share the Love of Travel. May these Quotes Find You! Travel Destinations and Places to see Catc

Maybe That's What Happens When A Tornado Meets A Volcano. All I Know Is I Love You Too Much To Walk Away Now.

Love the Way You Lie Eminem and Rihanna Yes this is exactly what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.

The art of war

Canvas Quote Art - "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." Sun Tzu The art of war. Let the war begin.

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Who lives sees, but who travels sees more. No one really lives unless they travel! And that's just the way things work!

terminar: “ i have wifi / not cute just psycho / smoking girl / VOGUE / promise / don’t give a shit / jon snow / normal people scare me / killin’it / don’t care ”

2018 Goals :: Jasmine Dowling


2018 Goals :: Jasmine Dowling

A Mucha-esque print of Maleficent

Sorciere by on deviantART - Awesome art of the most badass Disney villain in history. Love that they kept the medieval style going. TAGS: disney art maleficent i/artwork i/artistry