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Explore Os Cubanos, It Has, and more!

O que o cubano tem? Reportagem viajou a Havana para conhecer a ilha, conversar com os cubanos, saber como vivem; guiadas por um povo educado, curioso e bem informado, conheça algumas riquezas de Cuba que não aparecem (e não aparecerão) nos jornais

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Cuban Food: 30 Dishes You Must Try - Bacon is Magic

Don't miss this Cuban food when traveling to Cuba, Cuban cuisine is diverse and reflects the influence of many different cultures. ~

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The Best Cuba Travel Itinerary: One to Two Weeks

Every want to travel to Cuba? 2016 is the year to do it! Not only is it easier than ever to travel to this beautiful country, but now is the time to go while it still feels like you're stepping back in time! Cuba travel itinerary for 2016

Cuban Rice and Beans GOYA® style is comfort food with an exciting Latin flavor in just a few easy steps. We’ve done all the hard work, so you’ll get the benefit of beans from a can that taste like you soaked them overnight and made the sauce from scratch!

One of the reputed Cuba tourist place is Cienfuegos. This city is located on the southern coastal area of Cuba. It is the capital city of the Cuban province of Cienfuegos. Every year a considerable amount of tourists visit Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos is set at a distance of about 250 kilometers from Havana in Cuba. If you want to visit Cuba - 305.741.4994

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Cuban Sliders

This Cuban sliders recipe is filled with ham, pork, and gooey cheese, all topped with a mini pickle! It is a great slider recipe for parties because you can make them ahead of time and then bake them before your guests arrive. It’s a game day recipe your family and friends will love! #OscarMayerNatural #sponsored

It’s time to update the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  In today’s communications world, “an infographic is worth a thousand words.” Case in point: DCI recently worked on a fascinating project to promote the Tampa Bay region in advance of the Republican National Convention.  We collaborated with local artist Andrew Dorsett to... View Article

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You Havana a Laugh? Scams to Avoid in Cuba

Jinetero - a Cuban scamster or friendly advice giver? Watch out for these ten scams in Cuba to avoid being made a fool and wasting your CUC!