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PEACH Abundance, happiness, fertility, fruitfulness, temptation. Encourages body and mind to relax Symbolises love and immortality

IVY Binding. Joy, Exhilaration, Wrath, Rebirth. Fidelity, Constancy, Love, Intoxication. Resurrection. Symbolises connections and friendships

PEAR Longevity, justice, strength, fruitfulness, salvation, fertility Symbolises bonding of sacred spirits

ELM Healing, fertility, destiny, wisdom, metamorphosis, endurance, sharpening powers, protects, and aids. Symbolizes strength of will

ASPEN Overcome obstacles and adversity. Magical properties of intuition and communication with the otherworld. Symbolism determination

°ELDER ~ Wise old energy, creativity, symbolism includes birth, death, removes stagnant energies, healing waters. Symbolizes wisdom, strength intuition

Apple - Love, truth, peace, beauty, honesty, romance, fertility and remembrance. Brings fertility in every way, self-love, restores health and optimism

CYPRESS Connection, longevity, hope, calming, afterlife, healing, protection, prosperity, luck. Symbolises strengthening connection

Beech - Brings unconscious wisdom, healing and a sense of connection with the earth and with others. Symbolizes tolerance, past knowledge and softening criticism

FURZE (GORSE) Protection and preparation, prevents conflict, wealth, attraction magic, use as a protectant. Future hope. Symbolises continuous fertility

°ARBUTUS ~ Magnifying, dramatic, exciting, mystical, inspiring, magical, sacred. It is considered the 'giving tree' Symbolises knowledge

LAUREL (Bay) Achievement. Protective against illness and malice; dwellings and gardens. Symbolises peace, creativity and inspiration

CHERRY Centred energy, grounding, focus, fertility, intuition, insight. Healing, amplifying. Reconciliation and inner tranquillity. Symbolises rebirth, compassion and expression