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นาฏราช ครั้งที่7... คุณอุบล by @lovemelondon  #พิษสวาท #pitsawart #khunubol #nuneworanuch

นาฏราช ครั้งที่7... คุณอุบล by @lovemelondon #พิษสวาท #pitsawart #khunubol #nuneworanuch

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This pink and gold wedding dress is a traditional look for a Thai bride. Look at the ornate gold jewelry as well. This is very customary to wear very beautiful pieces of jewelry on your wedding day.

Apsaras were celestial virgins dating back to the times of the Kingdom of Angkor who danced only for the Gods to encourage rain, good crops, prosperity and protection for the Khmer kingdom.

Apsara dancer or known to non-Cambodians as a member of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.