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Alex Mingham helps open the eyes of thousands of people each day. They try to tell us that quantum theory is for really smart people with backgrounds in math and science and that common people aren't smart enough to grasp the concept. That's just not true.

Here is chart with all the important information about the 7 main chakras. To read more:

Here is chart with all the important information about the 7 main chakras. To read more:

Regular meditation is said to have life-altering benefits; the practice has been shown to reduce stress, increase practitioners’ well-being, and help individuals avoid a host of illnesses brought on by busy, stressful lifestyles. More

The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

Meditation is quickly becoming more mainstream, and the benefits are proven. Here are 6 simple ways to begin your own meditation practice. Bonus: My favorite free apps for meditation!

How To Awaken Your Seven Chakras

12 Amazing Benefits Of Chakra Meditation : This chakra meditation techniques are different from other meditation techniques and is a intense one. It detoxifies and unclogs the energy points of your body, enhancing and empowering you for a better life. Before I tell you more about how to do chakra meditation for beginners, let us first know what exactly you mean by chakras.

The 15 Best Sources of Guided Meditation

Regular meditation can help you boost your energy, increase your confidence, and sharpen your mindfulness.

Everybody is obsessed with weight loss. We try so many things to lose the weight (like dieting, exercise etc.). But it is not very easy to lose the excess weight even after following the proper weight loss program. Because the reason for the excess weight could be hidden in one of our past lives. A person can have excess