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Hunger Games. Yes.

Best. One. Yet.

And I'd like to add, "And Peeta didn't hold it against him."

Haha Peeta :)


Seriously... what happened here?

ouch Peeta, ouch.

Disgusted Katniss. "Hunger Games 2", haha idiots.

Ehhh, yeah I agree

the Hunger Games soundtrack


hahaha oh Katniss

Cinna and Peeta answer questions about Katniss.

Nice to meet you too cutie pie.

An ordinary boy by day. Fabulous blonde baker by night.

A piece in New Yorker on the racist tweets from the hunger games fans. There's about this story that really freaks em out. << Also, they didn't mention this in the article, but it's said that Katniss and Gale both have olive colored (brown) skin, so they weren't white in the books either, the movie franchise just white-washed them.

“Stuck in the games, still looks fabulous.”

I would be cool to know what was going through his mind

Aren't we all...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Seriously... what happened here?

Gale sings Adele.