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My shirt would be the opposite: "Who needs a nice a$$ when you have tits like these." ha hahaha!

Guy logic... ~ Even though I know what he's up to, I fall for this every dang time! I just wish I could turn off the "That's NOT how you do it!" portion of my brain.

Oh Doctor, It Hurts… Everything Hurts. Oh my gersh. He's soooooo gorgeous ie been staring for 5 min.

I usually don't find these incredibly amusing, but this one is just awesome.

Happy Potter… I'm so sorry for the language at the end! It's just to funny! :)

Baby logic. Lmfao soooo true! My yzabella does it all the time!

"I'm so hot! That was horrible! I'm going to die! I'm so tired! Everything hurts! Running is impossible!!" - I agree, Andy!

You start tickling and your injuries are no longer my fault....

Some interesting movie facts…

I have not once met a preschooler who would comment negatively on this. But I have met plenty of adults who would.