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  • David Charles Fox

    picasso - weeping woman #pablopicasso #picasso #abstractartist #surrealism #cubism #expressionism

  • harmony garcha

    Pablo Picasso is a well known artist born Málaga, Spain. The weeping women was made in 1937 he use cubism in this work.The materials he uses in this work are oil paint and canvas. The techniques he has used distorted images, Expressionism vibe through out the paint to make it look sad. The formal element that he has used are colour,line,shapes,tone, texture and from to make it look 3D. I have chosen this painting by Picasso because I really like the use of different shapes,colour and texture.

  • Sam Clark

    Pablo Picasso ‘Weeping Woman’, 1937 the image drawn shows a woman sobbing, possibly over the loss of a loved one during a civil war and is crying with her hands on her face which the artist uses to use different shapes and colours to emphasise his work by using a variety of unusual colour.

  • Peta-Gene Buswell

    Pablo Picasso, Weeping Woman, 1937, Oil paint on canvas, Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax with additional payment (Grant-in-Aid) mad...

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