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    so true...

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    true story. I suck at proof reading and my autocorrect is a Pain in the ass. I have huge man hands, I type horribly on my iPhone & ipad...I also didn't go to college to be a writer. I joined the army, became a mom and artist. As long as I don't speak like an illiterate..I honestly don't care.

    ha ha ha ha!


    So true.

    We nevercsee the sun right in front of us. You can't stare at it so we just see it from the corner of our eyes. Plus it is so much easier to draw the half than trying to master a circle.


    Ugh... The underlying "body" start up position every day. It either gets worse, or is static, which is my GOOD DAY. True story of My Life with MS.



    100% true.

    Relatable post: I will carry 17 grocery bags or die trying before I make so trips. So true--this is so me!

    haha so true

    every morning



    Sadly, yes.