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"Three new beers were developed to launch the brewery, Hidalgo Stout, Catrina Red Ale and Jaguar Pale Ale. Cerveceria Hacienda needed labels to reflect the cultural uniqueness of Mexico while expressing the individuality of the beers and the brewery. This was achieved through lovingly crafted illustration and design by Andrew Rose."

Beautiful wine labels by Manifesto Design. #packaging wine / vino mxm

471 is a small batch limited edition ale

Thirsty Turtle Beer Bottles

Blue Nectar No.1

Cervecería Sagrada - José Guízar

BANDIDOS / beer labels on Behance via Natasza Salanska curated by Packaging Diva PD. Great beer packaging illustration.

designed by Kristian Hay.


Designed by Elefante Project, Brazil lovely-package-paratea-1


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diagonals, simplicity, strong family

Rein Lager Beer