Homemade poptarts. Healthy, easy, cheap and no preservatives!

Homemade Pop Tarts - seriously once you try these youll never looked at the boxed kind the same again. Melt in your mouth delicious!! #brunch #recipes #breakfast #food #recipe

Homemade Pop-Tarts from pie crust.

Homemade, Healthier Pop Tarts! A sugar-free and scrumptious low carb version of the breakfast treat. | Healthy Indulgences

Homemade Kool-Aid Taffy!

super easy healthy treat

Baked homemade donuts!!!

homemade chocolate poptarts http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2011/02/08/chocolate-poptarts-pure-valentine-love/

Homemade chicken pot pie/pastie

Taking inspiration by the original Japanese bento boxes, Cuppow’s BNTO allows you to carry foods that taste the best together but don’t travel well together! Basically canning jars are easy to clean, cheap, and make awesome lunchboxes. What we have here is a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip your food.

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QUIT buying easy mac, people! Instant Mug o’ Mac & Cheese in the Microwave: 1/3 cup pasta, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup 1% milk, 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese -Can be made smaller, and with whole wheat pasta, and maybe throw in a little frozen brocoli....great late work night dinner.

Homemade Cheeze-Its ~ a cheesy, crispy snack stepped up a notch with the white cheddar

Homemade goldfish crackers--only 5 ingredients & no chemicals!

Homemade PopTarts! And you could totally make it healthier than the store bought variety!

Beef Jerky in the oven! So much better than store bought and super easy!

home made poptarts!

Healthy Frozen Fruit Pops

homemade cinnamon rolls

Homemade Fruit Snacks. So easy!

Chicken Taco Bowls. The closest thing to homemade Chipotle. Very easy and very cheap!