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10 types of sleep moms want for Mother's Day


Funny Baby Ecard: Just FYI. I won't be taking naps any more. That means you'll need to get all your shit done while I'm awake. Good luck with that!

Blessing and a Curse!!! Busty Gurl Problems

12 problems busty girls have - Yep, I can relate to a few of these. (And I cut the "built in bra" out of everyone of my camisoles. what a joke!

haha the struggle is real! I usually go for the pj's!

Simple Joys

Funny Weekend Ecard: That awkward moment when you take a shower in the middle of the day and you're not sure whether to put on regular clothes or pajama's. *Always choose pajamas!

"I'm still recovering from the death of Alt!Lincoln." Me too, friend. Me too. :*(

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I'm really sick and tired of food having calories.

I'm not an astronomer, but i'm pretty sure that the earth revolves around the sun and not you.

Sometimes people just need to hear it. Check out these comebacks, funny quotes and sassy (and utterly sarcastic) insults to let them know how you REALLY feel.

The only way I'm eating healthy is if I write "Healthy" on top of this cake with frosting.

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Funny Workplace Ecard: I got so much procrastinating done today.


5 Ingredient No Bake White Chocolate Energy Bites