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Behavior Charts - When, Why, and How to Use Them {Freebie}

Adding goals to the top of the behavior chart and a rubric next to each part of our day has made all the difference this year! It helps students see where they are going and measure success. • Behavior Charts - When, Why, and How to Use Them • What I Have Learned -

When Im Angry/Frustrated Visual Calming Card- These are great visual cue cards to use with a student while having a tantrum. These are simple steps to help students cope through overwhelming emotions. The visual pictures next to each step allow students to be able to do it independently.

Reduce and Stop Tattling: 5 B's

Tired of your students running up and telling you every little thing? Trouble with tattling? Do you have students that need a Band-Aid for a teeny-tiny speck? Teach your students the 5 B’s! The 5 B's is a classroom management tool meant to reduce off task "teacher telling" and tattling. The 5 B’s help your students know when it’s appropriate to go to the teacher and what things a teacher needs to know about.$

Morning Routines

Morning Routines poster example. Smile and greet your teacher. Clean your hands. Move your lunch card. Move your attendance magnet. Unpack and hand up . Turn in homework. Begin morning work.

How To Manage Students Who Are Demanding Your Attention

Are you a middle school or elementary teacher who is frustrated by lines of students wanting your attention? You are going to want to check out this post containing an easy strategy that both you AND your substitute teachers will love!