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    • Va Maea

      Polar Bears And Spaceships: Myeongbeom Kim

    • Vivian Au

      lightbulb. fishbowl.

    • Eleanor Thorne

      While we've all seen surreal sculptures before, we'd put money on the fact that you've never seen quite anything like this. There's something so wonderfully simple yet striking about Myeongbeom Kim's sculptures and art installations that you're just compelled to sit back and stare. Looking through his work, what makes it all so striking and surreal is that Kim combines man-made elements with natural ones in a way that really makes you stop and think. A tree hanging by helium balloons? Goldfish swimming in a lightbulb? Who could have thought up such strange combinations and what is he trying to communicate through his work? (Hint: It's, generally, about breathing life into inanimate objects.) Update: We got in touch with Kim to ask him for a statement. "I try to examine how my surroundings are perceived and remembered. To do this, I listen to a whisper from the objects within my surroundings. I attempt to have an intimate, private dialogue with the world, trying to concretely present…

    • Kim Kapitan

      Hanging bulb fish tank... love this idea... string of light bulb fish tanks?

    • S. W.

      Fish bowl - Light bulb

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