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The Feathers of God. And finally, the BLACK with its great depth, as representative color of elegance. This is the only thing that differentiates us from other life forms. Only man creates art, man alone creates the elegance ... Each of us is so artist in his own way. Walter Fantauzzi


Dorm Decorating Basics Every College Student Needs To Know!

After you paint them tie string on the bottom of the feather and hang them up with a stick from outside.


Harnesses & Sculptural Leather

I missed the cape trend so I'm gunning on leather feather harnesses.

This image reminds me of the "Lycanians" ~ a race of barbaric shifters who live across the restless sea from DRAGONS REALM: a new dark fantasy novel by Tessa Dawn, coming Fall/Winter 2015. They can shape shift into any creature -- or combination -- imaginable. Source: Tengu

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What Color Best Describes You?

Himalayan Monal [pheasant family] - Thanks to Karen Harrison, who previously pinned this to the most generic of my bird boards.

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Stunning Cracked Light Sculpture by Paige Bradley is Now Available

Sculpture from Paige Bradley - Inner Light. Reminds me of Gods command to let our light shine before men.

The Northern Parula is a small New World warbler. It breeds in eastern North America from southern Canada to Florida in humid woodland with growths of Old Man's Beard lichen or Spanish moss.


Winter Cardinals

Cardinal on a snowy branch ~ beautiful!

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Morgan Freeman - I've always loved Morgan...from when I was a little girl. That voice! He is smooth...just talk to me while I try to sleep Morgan, lol.

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15 Excellent DIY Backyard Decoration & Outside Redecorating Plans 1 Window for flower boxes

The British Robin sings all year round here. I love his beautiful, lilting tune that shines out even in the middle of winter!

The Maya lords would pierce their tenderest parts and bleed on paper, which would then be lit. The copal-laced smoke would rise, and with it the spirits of the ancestor lords. They protected and communicated with the king, and told him the future. - It is believed that the Mayan leaders would do this in a spiritual way to gain ultimate pain tolerance. Once this happened they would enter a trance or subconscious of some sort.

wild turkey One morning when I lived in The Black Hills I woke up to the sound of wild turkeys...they sounded like gurgling water going over the rocks in Spring Creek by the house. I had to go to the window to see what was making that noise. It was a soft and musical noise, definitely not the loud gobble gobble you would expect.

Post-embrace -- Celtic Goddess Blodeuwedd. She was changed into an owl for committing adultry and plotting to kill Lleu. Symbolizes wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations. Known to help a garden or a child grow. Known as the Ninefold Goddess of the Western Isles of Paradise and Flower-Face, Goddess was created by Math and Gwydion as a wife for the God Lleu

The Ibis was sacred to the god Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge, who was a man with an ibis head.

Amun - or more popular as Amen Ra... yes, this is the great man that all the popular religions of the world praise in their daily prayers, especially Christians......and, if you don't know the riddle to this parable - then you better ask somebody....anyways, welcome to the other side of the matrix!!

The Prince of the Lilies or the Lily prince, is a celebrated ancient Minoan fresco on the Greek island of Crete dated to circa 1550 BC (the new palace period between 1700 and 1450 BC).