Nap bodyguards - Too cute!

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions: #8 - "The Sleeping Baby." Find a baby. Imitate the baby...

Am cat. Will sleep anywhere.

cats must have 23 hrs of naps a day. best to let sleeping cats sleep.

True friends!

I love crazy cats!! (they don't know they're crazy, but most of the time, they are!!)

"How my cats stand every day to watch the birds."

Oh that face


// roar there bby

Major head rush! Looks like he fell asleep while practicing sleepwalking

Cats show off even when they're sleeping

too cute

One bed just simply won't do.

What??..... I'm thirsty!

Awwwww soooo cute!


25 most awkward cat sleeping positions

5 Adorably sleeping pets you have ever seen, they are so perfect :)