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Happy 4th of July. Get the champagne out and celebrate.  Recycle the cork and the wire cage... and make miniature chairs.  Here are 11 alternatives to the classic French bistro wire chair..

DIY Champagne Wire Chairs and other Happy 4th July Crafts

Champagne Recycled cork + wire cage = miniature chairs, 11 alternatives to classic French bistro wire chair.

Make little chairs out of the wire cage on a champagne bottle...so cute!

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Champagne cap chairs, as I am a dollhouse fan without a dollhouse.but do have the odd bottle of bubbly in the house.I think I am going to have to make these, must put champagne on the shopping list 'crafty things to buy'

TENEKE GAZOZ KAPAĞINDAN MİNYATÜR MUMLUK YAPMAK - https://kendinyapsana.com/teneke-gazoz-kapagindan-minyatur-mumluk-yapmak/

Make these cute candles from bottle caps. Reuse old candles. Use for camping, emergencies, etc.

DIY How To Ornament An Old Teapot

DIY How To Ornament An Old TEAPOT ( not kettle! Use that brown teapot, use broken tile bits for a mosaic?