• Ann Rodriguez

    How these words ring so true. The good and the bad. And in the end; after it's all sorted out if we don't fight the process or the will of God we get what we truly want and that is to be " the person we were meant to be." Thank you God

  • Jenna Yuko Martin

    So true all in Gods plan! So glad he gave me my sweet and loving hubby!

  • Greg Mckrill

    so true some people will hurt you but it's a life lesson!

  • Senia

    Person you were meant to be. Well said. True story good reminder. Need to post this at my desk.

  • Alisha Herd

    God is good. This is so true!

  • Kristan Hanson

    Oh so true!! Remember this!

  • Candace Rushing

    Word of Wisdom

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