Clothing Fix-It Kit

Car Organizer

Free download & step-by-step guide for desktop organization. I downloaded this a few weeks ago and it has been AMAZING! I can actually find all my files and always know exactly what I am working on.

SMART organizational idea for a variety of items. Shower curtain ring, binder clip and a ziplock bag.

Throw-away shower cap keeps clothes clean when traveling with those dirty shoes! Great idea!

Organize your t-shirts!

Charmingly sweet little fruit button adorned cloth napkins. #fruit #napkins #buttons #crafts #DIY #entertaining #cute #party #wedding #sewing

Keep embroidery projects organized in a 3-ring binder with pocket pages. Hole punch a sheet of felt to hold needles.

make with a 2 ring binder

DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

Coca-Cola crate to store spices

Sewing Loop Button Holes..paper guide;

File your fabric. | Community Post: 45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

this is a great idea

This is a terrific site, love, love, love her craft room! Here is one of her ideas...Golf tees with flower glued on top will keep the matching bobbin with the right spool of thread. Also don't forget the little hair scrunchy that keeps your bobbin from unwinding. Use Clear tubing from Lowes cut and slice one side place over bobbin works great too...



great ideas

21 Day Organization Challenge. Clean your entire home by organizing ONE small section a day!!! This can happen if you have nothing else going on...and even then a few may take an extra day...

10 Clothing Fixes That Everyone Should Know