Jammin' jellyfish Hydrozoan jellyfishes swim at Kamogawa Sea World in Kamogawa, Japan. via Animal Tracks: Jan. 30 - Feb. 6- slideshow - slide - 4 - TODAY.com

Monterey Bay Aquarium, by ablogvoyage - so many kinds of beautiful jellyfish!


Spotted Jelly




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Botrynema Not much is known about these deep-water jellyfish, which have been found off the coast of Antarctica and Alaska. Image: Steve Ha...

. . jelly . .


So incredible! I want a jelly tank, that'd be awesome! Or as wall paper for bathroom walls

Under the sea.

What kind is this??

My cousins actually have one of these freaky little things living in an aquarium in their basement. Yikes!!

Big Yellow Jellyfish



This gelatinous deep water fish has a face that only its mother would love (although those who truly admire Nature’s boundless and sometimes macabre creativity will certainly appreciate it too). Found in the oceans surrounding Australia and Tasmania, the blobfish leads a rather passive life, feeding on whatever piece of detritus floats within its reach.