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Rooting roses from cuttings

rose bushes from s wedding bouquet. Taking a clean cut on the bottoms, dipping the fresh-cut bottoms in rooting hormone, and putting them in a pot that was half Perlite and half soil. keep these moist until rooted & planted them in a shaded location.

Rose cutting method easy way to get more roses. Just steal a clipping from someone thats what im going to start doing. Go over to my moms inlaws and cut a clip of there rose bushes !

For rose lovers. How to propagate your own rose cuttings. - Don't forget to bury some bananas with your new rose bush. - this is how we got our rose bushes when I was a kid btw - cj

Get a paper towel and wrap your apple seeds in them. Wet the paper towel and put it in the plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is sealed tight, and put it in the fridge. Your seeds should take about a month to germinate but check every few weeks and wet again if dry. Your seeds will start to have little white sprouts coming out of them soon enough that's when you know there ready for planting.

Growing Apple Trees From Seed.

Ѽ How To Grow Apple Tree From A Seed ~ wrap seeds in a damp/wet paper towel ~ place in air tight bag, in fridge ~ keep moist ~ Leave for about till sprouts form ~ plant Ѽ

grow your own green onions! recipes

I'm always buying green onions, now I won't have to! Grow your own green onions.much faster than celery. Next time you buy green onions, save the bulb and toss it in a jar of water.you'll have a whole new bunch in 12 days!

Tulle wrapped over balloons tied with ribbon and flowers.

Inflate balloons, cover with tulle, tie at bottom with flowers. Easy and beautiful! Warning - MUST USE OVER INFLATED BALLOONS! The weight of the tulle will weigh smaller balloons down.

Gardening Tips and Hacks

Gardening Tips and Hacks

zelf een inklapbare kas maken [ "zelf een inklapbare kas maken [ \"Convertible Greenhouse - good idea for a cold frame in the early spring!

DIY #Self-Watering Seed Starter Pot Planter #Gardening, #Recycle

DIY Self-Watering Seed Starter Pot Planter

Self Watering Plastic Bottle Herb Gardens: Upcycle plastic bottles and grow your own herbs as well. For indoor herb gardening.

5 Foods You Can Grow From Leftovers  -- Celery, Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Potatoes & Green Onions

5 foods you can grow from leftovers: celery, ginger root, garlic, sweet potatoes & green onions Hmmm. I wonder if ginger root would grow this far north? Love the stuff.