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love emperor's new groove - On an unrelated note, freaking Joshua Hales! I always wanted to be shorter until he was taller than me, and then I was like, "You know what? Being a little bit taller wouldn't be so bad." And now Trevor's taller than me, and I just... Guys. Stahp. You're my little brother, and the friend who's always endured the "I'm older than you" for 1/3 of every year, and.... If i've freaking grown up with you, you aren't allowed to be taller than me, that's the rule, okay?

Haha one of the best disney princes lol more funny pics on facebook:

Something you probably missed while watching The Emperor’s New Groove… It took me like a whole 5 minutes to find it.....

This just became the best slide ever. THAT'S IN LOUISIANA!!!!!!!! Schweet

Guys. The next time I have an awesome teacher. And I don't want to be in class. I'm gonna say "Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?" And the true test of their awesome will be if they say "you're excused"!!!! Foolproof plan! Nothing can go wrong!!

Canada had plans to nuke Washington? Did they tear down the Peace Arch? Clearly Canada had enough of being called America! XD

The Emperor's New Groove! love Kronk! :)...still upset my boyfriend let his niece take it...totally distroyed it!

The Emperors new groove is the best disney movie...In my opnion. Well other than Alice in Wonderland

The Emperor's New Groove :). I laughed so hard when this came out. I used to try to convince my nanny kids to watch it all the time.

Emperor's New Groove. Definitely my favorite non-princess Disney movie, besides the Lion King and Big Hero 6.

Love "The Emperor's New Groove"!!! One of the funniest cartoons out there! :~)