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It is proven by few studies that hormones do have an influence on your appetite and fat store. Here are 9 beneficial ways for fixing the hormones which are in control of your weight. Insulin – Throughout the day, insulin is secreted in small amounts and in larger amounts after meals. It is hormone which […]

Turn Your Coffee Habit Into A Healthy Morning Ritual With These 5 Tips

Besides water, what do you put into your body every single day? For many of us, the only other thing we eat/drink religiously is coffee. And often it is the very first thing that goes into the body

This Is Why You Need To Massage Your Feet Every Night Before Bed

One of the most beneficial and effective medicinal tools is massage therapy, because pressure applied on the body actually relieves tension and relaxes the mind and body. Reflexology is one part of massage therapy whose premise is that the massage of particular points of the body, especially on the feet and hands, can have an […]

Why You Should Start Dry Body Brushing Today

Why you REALLY need to dry brush & what it is. Thinking Plexus isn't "working" "for you"? Think again. You simply need to assist your lymphatic system in moving out the toxins. Message me if you need help. Click on this image to read the how-to!