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The Blood Bath Shower Curtain is certain to being out the Bates in you – be the first to act out the most famous of Hitchcock’s scenes in the privacy of your own home. The shower curtain looks like any ordinary white shower curtain, but when drawn for a shower – it reveals a “blood soaked” alter ego that is sure to frighten and amuse all you lovers of slasher films and of course the inimitable Mr Hitchcock.

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psycho Shower Curtain

Your dream bathroom would be incomplete without the perfect shower curtain. Shop our custom curtains made to match your style and make that dream come true.

Psycho Shower Curtain on CafePress.com

Psycho Shower Curtain

Update your bathroom with a customized shower curtain that looks great and helps keep your floors dry.

Bates hotel.

OMG I would freak out if I got up in the middle of the night went to the bath room and saw THIS haha - Kikkerland Shower Curtain Psycho

bloody shower curtain

Halloween Decorations: Bloody Shower Curtain You'll go psycho over this shower curtain! Full size white curtain with bloody handprints and smears. Measures 70 inches x 72 inches.

Best Shower Curtain Designs For Bathrooms

Best Shower Curtain Designs for Bathrooms

Knife Wielding Psycho Shower Curtain Be sure to watch your back the next time you step in to the shower! Full size x Polyester

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times ... Harry Potter Decal Wall Art by ofelia

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights." Albus Dumbledore quote over the light switch = pure awesomeness!

Amazon.com - Bloody - Beware - plastic Halloween Wall or Door Decor (5 feet x 30 inch)

Instead - get a white sheet and red paint. Step in the red paint and walk lengthwise down the sheet. Use it for a creepy walkway

Haunted House Wall Panels

This document describes one way to build haunted house wall panels. The panels are designed to be easily setup and taken down each season. Each panel will require plywood sheets, studs, studs, and nails or screws.

13 Steps to throwing a wicKED Halloween Party - HauntForum

Great idea for the Bathroom! 13 Steps to throwing a wicKED Halloween Party - HauntForum ( or to scare your husband!


Gothic Mansion or Spooky Laboratory Use black cheese cloth as spooky yet classy curtains for Halloween decorations. Maybe do this on the porch?