We think we’re on the road to becoming one of the “not so quietly sensational” women this vintage Hane’s stocking ad mentions, because we do all our reading naked.

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“Dig”, 1909. Sadie Wendell Mitchell. Poster by Mitchell showing a woman sitting in a room filled with books reading a work titled Economy. A sign with text “Do It Now” hangs on the wall above the woman’s head. Part of the artist’s “Girls Will Be Girls” poster series. Chromolithograph by Close, Graham, & Scully, Inc., New York, 1909. From the Library of Congress.

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Vintage ad for Hanes women's stockings

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For anyone who loves historical romance, Pride and Prejudice (as well as any Jane Austin book) is definitely worth reading. Maybe even more than once. :D

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Book pain/back pain. If your favorite book reading position is hurting your back then you need Pain Kickers http://painkickers.com/pains-in-back/

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Un programmeur est fasciné par la conception d'un robot humanoïde jusqu'à ce qu'il réalise, comme le spectateur, tout ce que ça implique. Dans une ambiance glauque qui rappelle parfois celle de the shining, l'homme voudra apaiser les souffrances de sa créature en faisant appel à sa boussole morale.

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