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Zalipie - Poland's painted village

Painted doors in Zalipie, a village in Poland that is painted with flowers.

Known as the "Painted Village," Zalipie is covered in cheery floral patterns inside and outside of the small houses. It is renown as the center of Polish decorative folk art.

A farmer checks two-months-old foal’s hooves. A chicken coop in the background.

Zalipie - village in Poland, famous for its houses painted in flowers

Zalipie - village in POLAND 🇵🇱, famous for its houses painted in flowers

A small ancient village in South-Eastern Poland, Zalipie, is definitely one of the country’s top tourist attractions. Not because it has five-stars hotels or massive glass buildings, but on t…

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These super sweet houses stand in a small villages in Poland, called zalipie. Someday I will visit the land of my ancestors.

Beautiful cottage ~ Ukrainian ethno by Dimitri Fursenko, via

The painted village of Zalipie, Poland, where no surface is untouched

The painted village of Zalipie, Poland The woman looks like a Busia

Zalipie, fascinante aldeia pintada com arranjos florais na Polônia 15

Zalipie, a fascinante aldeia pintada com arranjos florais na Polônia (31 fotos

Village Of Zalipie where everything is covered with flower paintings.

Little Polish Village Where Everything Is Covered In Colorful Flower Paintings