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This was a large batch of quarters corroded by salt water sent to us in 5 gallon buckets. Rocks, sand, and pieces of metal were mixed with the shipment, and that's ok. We accept coins in any condition. You don't need to sort them by denomination or prepare them in any way. Just send non-bankable, unsorted, mixed, wet, dirty, rusty, corroded, old coins to us as-is. We will take care of the rest. ---

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Go retro with your quarters and dimes! - Survival Mom

Here's what's coming next. Three buckets of "nice and crusty". This picture was taken by a customer in California. I'm really looking forward to seeing these corroded coins in person. Notice how they're mixed with debris : sticks, a rubber band, etc. That's normal. We get it all the time. Don't worry if your coins are like this. Just send them to us as-is.

The wheat penny. I always have to check my coins for a wheat penny. If I have one I put it in my coin tube. :-)

These coins are corroded beyond recognition. But, they are no problem for us. It only took a few hours to get them cleaned and restore them to their intended state as transferable monetary instruments. No matter how dirty your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, or dollar coins may be, our equipment is specifically designed for the job of cleaning coins and will get the highest return on your treasure.

Look how dirty and corroded these coins are. They're from a cavern wishing well. Many were actually encased in limestone. After going through our world-class cleaning process, 100% of them were accepted by a bank except 1 foreign coin. Then we sent the customer a check for their bankable value minus a small fee.