Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas Mixed rolls of quarters and nickels from an arcade flooded by hurricane Sandy storm surge that the bank wouldn't accept because they were corroded inside and full of sand. We cleaned these in a week and sent our happy customer a large check. If you own a vending machine company, laundromat, or grocery store that's suffered a similar tragedy, let us help minimize your loss by cleaning your rusty, dirty, old coins too!

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How to clean coins using Flitz. Return old coins to their original luster using these water-based cleaners. #coincollection #cleaning #flitz

British Museum - recent coins they cleaned -Yes ,they do clean old coins!! (@britishmuseum) | Twitter

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We accept coins in any quantity or condition; from a few pounds to several thousand pounds. Our process is super fast. We will do 4 of these buckets per day.

18 partially-full buckets of corroded coins staged in our Receiving area for cleaning. Filling buckets part-way keeps the center of gravity low, but wastes space so it's a trade-off.

A General Manager of a mall called last week to switch from her current coin cleaner to us because they take way too long.

Unloading another pallet of coins. We're happy to clean any quantity of coins you have whether its a few pounds in a box or several thousand pounds in buckets like this. No matter what your situation, we will find a way to help you.

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This was a large batch of quarters corroded by salt water sent to us in 5 gallon buckets. Rocks, sand, and pieces of metal were mixed with the shipment, and that's ok. We accept coins in any condition. You don't need to sort them by denomination or prepare them in any way. Just send non-bankable, unsorted, mixed, wet, dirty, rusty, corroded, old coins to us as-is. We will take care of the rest. ---