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Fountain coins are mostly pennies. But you can see a good representation of denominations here.

Lenborough Anglo Saxon coin hoard valued at £1.35m

Lenborough Anglo Saxon coin hoard valued at £1.35m Great findings share for you

We now have several major national clients sending thousands of pounds of coins that are wet, dirty, rusty, or corroded. Banks won't accept them. So we clean the coins, deposit them, and then send a check to the client or charity of their choice. : Corroded fountain coins donated to charity. Mostly pennies. We cleaned this small batch in only a few hours, banked them the next day, then sent a check to another satisfied customer. It took years to develop and perfect our coin cleaning process. Make it easy on yourself. Send your rusty, dirty, old coins to us; the premier coin cleaning service in the United States. We cleaned this entire 5 gallon bucket of corroded quarters in 1 day. That's how fast we can transform trash into cash. We process several thousand corroded coins per day. Our facility is under a centrally monitored security system. Only approved personnel enter the coin processing area. Let us clean your dirty, rusty, old coins and send you a check for their bankable value in a little as 3 business days. : This shipment of corroded coins contained mostly quarters and nickels, some dimes, very few penny (cent) pieces, and miscellaneous debris. Some, like the nickel at left-center looked almost fine, while most were heavily corroded, tarnished, and dirty. If you have a few pounds or more (up to thousands of pounds) of old coins like this, why wrestle with cleaning them yourself? It's a lot of work. Our process took years to develop.

This was a large batch of quarters corroded by salt water sent to us in 5 gallon buckets. Rocks, sand, and pieces of metal were mixed with the shipment, and that's ok. We accept coins in any condition. You don't need to sort them by denomination or prepare them in any way. Just send non-bankable, unsorted, mixed, wet, dirty, rusty, corroded, old coins to us as-is. We will take care of the rest. --- Are you a city park manager or work for an airport, amusement park, casino, cemetery, college, faire, festival, hospital, hotel, museum, restaurant, spa, university, or zoo with wishing wells, fountains, or other water features. Coins tossed in corrode becoming a maintenance hassle. We specialize in cleaning and restoring tarnished, old coins to a bankable condition. Send them as-is; unsorted, dirty, and wet.