Love is love :)

A chipmunk with a flower umbrella! Who knew? lol

TOO CUTE!! A gorilla takes care of a lost baby duckling at Bristol Zoo.

Best in motherly love

The Gorilla and the Butterfly

brown bear relaxing lying down smelling flower cute animals wild wildlife species planet earth nature pics pictures photos images

~little lambs and daffodils <3


Gorilla Kiss

A Handful Flowers by Julian Ghahreman Rad

Photographer Michele Sutton captured this priceless photograph titled "The Fragrance of a Flower". She simply placed a flower on her deck and then captured a squirrel that ran up to sniff and eat it.

All for a flower :) love elephants

Flower for me?

Lowland Mountain Gorilla

Orang-utan baby by Fauna & Flora International on Flickr. Photo copyright: Brian Matthews

baby gorilla

This Squirrel Was Adopted By A Cat And What He Learned Will Surprise You!

Gorilla infant and mother / Photo credit: Andy Rouse/NBP Awards 2011

Leopard cub. This leopard has wonderful spots that truly stand out in this light. You can see his eyes and wonder what is this big cat thinking?

Baby gorilla that was a bit surprised at how cold the stethoscope was.

Soooo cute!