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In May 1828 the German city of Nuremberg was abuzz with deep and almost obsessive curiosity about a bizarre stranger who had wandered into Unschlitt Square. Who could this shabbily dressed figure possibly be? He was staggering as if in a daze, was vaguely aristocratic in appearance, yet unable to utter more than a grunt or two. Seemingly, he had a mental age of no more than three, yet although

10 Places Begging To Be Investigated

The Oregon Vortex (Though it's only 100 feet in diameter, the Oregon Vortex is apparently very scary. Animals refuse to enter it, and people who go inside report seeing very strange things.)

Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov is a Buddhist Lama considered to have reached Nirvana, due to the lifelike state of his corpse, which is not subject to macroscopic decay. He died in 1927 and upon the latest examination in 2002, scientists and pathologists stated his body is “in the condition of someone who had died 36 hours ago”.

There aren't many people who take seriously the existence of elves and fairies in today's society. Yet there are people who will swear on the heads of their grandchildren that they have seen them with their own eyes. What appear to be the mummified remains of a fairy was discovered in the Derbyshire countryside. The 8" remains complete with wings; skin, teeth and flowing red hair have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm that the body is genuine.

The Greenbrier Ghost” is Zona Shue, a West Virginian woman murdered by her cruel and abusive husband, Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue, in 1897. By feigning sadness and covering up Zona’s bruised and broken neck with a stiff-collared dress, Erasmus was not suspected by anyone except Zona’s mother, who, after receiving three ghostly visitations, appealed to a local prosecutor. The case was reopened and Erasmus was found guilty.

This historic theater is located just blocks away from the White House, and was founded in 1835 by William Corcoran, and many other prominent city residents. It has had many famous performers, including Sir Ian McKellan, James Earl Jones, Kevin Spacey, Sting and Tim Curry. Winston Churchill had even spoken there once. However, Tim Curry and Winston Churchill aren’t what make this place terrifying. The actor John McCullough was very prominent and popular in the 1800s, and was touring with a…

Wow! Check Out These Odd Ancient Artifacts

Workmen hacking and burning their way through the dense jungle of Costa Rica to clear an area for banana plantations in the 1930s stumbled upon some incredible objects: dozens of stone balls, many of which were perfectly spherical. They varied in size from as small as a tenn

Angels at the World Trade Center Singing Angels Recently, people who live in New York have reported some unusual sights and sounds seen and heard near ground zero. On September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center in New York City was ruthlessly attacked by terrorists in hijacked planes--thousands of innocent victims died. These murders will never be forgotten. New Yorkers vividly remember the horrific sights, sounds and smells of that day. The smoke as the towers were hit, the acid ...

Royal Bethlem Hospital - Bedlam. The hospital had relocated to Lambeth in 1815 from Moorfields inside the London City walls. It was at Moorfields that it picked up its terrible reputation of being a public attraction, a freak-show for which the public would pay for entry to gawp at the inmates, many of whom were chained, as depicted by William Hogarth in 1736: