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Devilk's Millhopper Northwest of Gainesville, Florida, is a gigantic, funnel-shaped hole in the ground that is an astonishing 500 feet across, 120 feet deep, and nearly a half-mile around its rim. This geological wonder, now owned by the state, is called the Devil’s Millhopper...a portal straight to hell...according to some old timers. I arrived early

The Codex Gigas. The largest medieval manuscript in existence, created by a single scribe in the early 13th century. Sometimes called “The Devil’s Bible” because of a large unexplained picture of him. Lavishly illustrated. Just the writing alone, not counting the illustrations, would have taken five years of constant writing to complete

Illinois - Many have know the where about's of Devil Road. Through the years it is the most haunted spot on earth you could ever find. The road to no where it is sometimes so deservingly called, but it does have a final destination. And that is at the fiery eternal unlocked Gates Of Hell! The great devil of Route 666, The dark lord of hell and his brutal thugs of beast. The lost evil escaping ghost of hell that hide at the cross roads. It's said that only the most evil of souls are le


The mysterious river hole…

The mysterious river hole…<-- Entrance to Tartarus?<--- repinning for that comment<----This is scary! Or on a slightly more positive note it could be an entrance to the labrynth emphasis on slightly<---definitely entrance to Tartarus we've found it

Al Capone’s cell at Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Al complained of a ghostly visitor: a man who'd been slaughtered in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929. One of these victims, James Clark, had been Bugs Moran's brother-in-law, and The other Eastern State inmates could hear Capone at night screaming "Jimmy, leave me alone."

Anyone who fancies themselves a ghost hunter in the state of New York should make a visit to the Beardslee Castle one of their top priorities. I have heard of and have seen many so-called haunted places in my travels around this wonderful state of ours. I have to say that Beardslee is both one of the most fascinating and one of the most authentic that I have personally come across. The oldest stories told of the ghosts who inhabit the Beardslee Manor, which is also know