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Кимоно Галерея: Фото

Shinto ceremony, Japan (Shinto - 神道 - Shintō), also kami-no-michi, is the indigenous religion of Japan and the people of Japan).


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young Shan tribe boys undergoing a male right of passage in northern Thailand. The ritual is called Poi Sang Long, and the boys are dressed up in bright colours and adorned with make-up to mimic the young Prince Siddhartha before he became Buddha.

#FarabaleWeekly - Inside The Brightly Colored World Of R. Powell Electography  Say hey to R. Powell Electographya fashion editorial photographer from Philadelphia. His work doesnt fit neatly into one description. He shoots traditional straight-lace magazine editorial alternative editorial beauty portraits promotional branding and marketing photography whatever. But what I dig the most is when he dabbles in digital manipulation. Taking cues from pop artist Powell alters clothing patterns…

This is not a year of lack
Loss and failure for you. This is a year of gain, God
And growth on the move.

wow! 3d scanned portraits turned into 2d sewing patterns that are then lasercut from fabric and sewn into this awesome sculptural piece.

vanished: “ The T-shirt Issue “ Taking wearable art to a whole new level, Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski created this sweatshirt by scanning human bodies and using the data to.