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So today 2 of my friends started making fun of feminists (they knew perfectly clear that I'm a feminist) and they were specifically making fun of me. One said "yeah, I just hate those people who are like 'there's more than one gender!' like, no, if you actually paid attention in science instead of going on tumblr on your phone, you'd know there's only 2 - GIRL and BOY" (I've been known to stick up for people who identify as a different gender than boy/girl because I believe in that stuff)…

Your repeating out love story. With a different lead. With a different Actress in my place. With a better girl, standing on my stage-your heart.

I read somewhere that a girl wrote in her suicide note "If someone smiles at me today, I won't commit suicide." I now make it a point to smile at every stranger, no matter how creepy it may look.