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Caucasian Karachov Kazak- 6ft 0in x 7ft 10in, Circa 1850. Its great visual potency is enhanced by the rare & captivating emerald green field, coveted by antique rug collectors. The vigorous saffron ground of the main border holds a most intriguing & asymmetrical design. Rich symbolic patterning, including sophisticated iterations of the traditional latch-hook, double ram's horns, & stars of wisdom motifs, reinforce the tribal identity of this memorable Antique Persian tribal carpet.

Caucasian Lambalo Kazak - 5ft 8in x 8ft 2in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. Noteworthy for its original design incorporating pinwheel motifs around the edge of the field, this striking Lambalo Kazak carpet is a collectible antique Caucasian rug. Dynamic serrated pendants, rendered in saturated carnelian, anchor a mesmerizing diamond central medallion while three borders using time-honored symbology complete this compelling work. Sensitive abrash color striation appears throughout field & borders

Kazak Rug, Caucasus, Late 19th Century - Beautifully colored & superbly styled, this magnificent antique Kazak rug features a series of dragon-style medallions with carefully outlined latch-hook extensions that are set over a robust brick red field. Crenellated fence inner borders create a protective barrier that separates the grand inner borders from the elaborate patterns that decorate the outer perimeter. Formal double ram's horn motifs inside coffered compartments... Size: 4 ft 5 in x 6…

Kazak Rug, Caucasus, Modern - This beautifully detailed Caucasian Kazak rug features a traditional mihrab medallion filled with a diverse selection of polychromatic symbols. The lavishly colored composition revolves around a coffered mihrab medallion adorned with a quirky Memling-style gul, double ram's horn motifs & soft white strap work borders that feature interconnected elibelinde motifs with distinctive recurving arms... Size: 3 ft 7 in x 5 ft 4 in

A late 19th century Caucasian Kazak antique rug, the ivory field with a multitude of minor stellar motifs around a central column of linked alternating indigo stellar and rust-red stepped medallions, with square central panels containing arabesque motifs, within a light yellow serrated geometric border. Circa: 1880, Size: 9' × 4'6".

Antique Kazak Rug, Caucasus, 1900s - This vibrant Kazak rug features an unusual medallion decorated with irregular latch hooks & two double ram's horn motifs arranged in a cruciform pattern. These graphic motifs that symbolize power & other auspicious traits create a dominant theme across the central medallion of this traditional Kazak carpet from the Caucasus. Wide red borders decorated with symbolic bereket motifs surround the irregular field... Size: 3 ft 8 in x 5 ft 4 in

Antique Kazak Rug, Caucasus, Late 19th Century - This late 19th century Kazak rug features a series of angular medallions heavily decorated with colorful protection symbols. Double ram's horn motifs decorate the central medallion & dot the rare jade green field of this Kazak rug from the Caucasus. Symbolic berekets & checkerboard patterns unify the field with the recessed borders & decorative medallions. Colorful borders decorated with double ram's horn motifs... Size: 4 ft 7 in x 7 ft 1 in

Kazak long rug, ca. 1910, with repeating medallions on a blue field with running dog border, 13' x 5'8".

A silk Samarkand rug BB4577 - An antique silk Samarkand (Khotan) rug from the early 20th century, the open orange-red field around three blue ...

Kazak, 19th C (4th Q), Caucasus - This bold & colorful Kazak paints a column of three alternating medallions against a vibrant madder-red field. A balanced use of white accentuates the sense of color. In classic Caucasian style, a host of traditional village ornament sparkle throughout, including several geometric forms, a highly stylized animal & even a human figure in the upper right-hand side. The red field is complimented by an elegant & modulated green border... W: 5' 6" x L: 7' 10"

Kasim Ushag, 19th C (4th Q), Caucasus - The medallion format of this colorful Kasim Ushag rug from the Karabagh region beautifully & accurately preserves designs first articulated in classical Caucasian embroideries of the 16th & 17th centuries. Geometrically abstracted networks of tendrils, composed of latch-hooks, diamonds, & stars are drawn throughout the field with branches emanating from the central ivory medallion. W :3' 9" x L :7' 3"

Eagle Kazak throw rug, ca. 1910, with 3 medallions on a blue field with red and blue borders, 8'8" x 4'7".