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Taste the States: 50 Iconic American Foods

Despite the growing number of chain restaurants across America, regional cuisine remains as vast as our continent is wide. Some may travel far distances just for a taste of authentic, iconic state dishes, but to know the history behind their creation is another story. For instance, do you know who invented the first Philly cheesesteak? How about the California Cobb salad? We've gathered 50 dishes from 50 states to prime you about the dishes you love.

Ancient Beer Breweries Unearthed

About 12,000 years ago, ancient Neolithic hunter-gatherers may have gathered at sites such as Gobekli Tepe for cultic feasts and primitive beers. Archaeologists describe evidence of beer brewing troughs at a cultic feasting site in Turkey called Göbekli Tepe.

Fischerstübli Weisstannental

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