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1.15 “Homecoming” – Ethan is struggling to get up, but Sawyer tells him to not even think about it. Well, all righty, then.

1.15 “Homecoming” – Publicity still. Claire, in her new job as bait.

3.14 "Exposé" – I love how this moment was crafted for clever, thinking LOST fans. [My hand is up.] Shannon and Boone are both DEAD!

1.13 "Hearts and Minds" – HURLEY: You’re gonna have to pee on my foot, man. It’ll stop the venom. I saw it on TV. [Jin inspects Hurley’s injured foot.] Ow, arrgh, no, just pee on it, man. [Hurley points to Jin’s crotch. Jin pushes his hand away.] You need to pee, pee on it. Pee on my foot. I’ll lose— just do it, I’ll lose my foot if you don’t. [Jin is making motions, trying to communicate; then says No.]

2.10 "The 23rd Psalm" – EKO: Climb that tree. CHARLIE: What? EKO: Climb that tree, and perhaps you will be able to get your bearings or see the plane. CHARLIE: You climb it. What if I don’t? You gonna beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it.

3.22 "Through the Looking Glass (Part 1)" – Lana Parrilla as Greta. Part of the Greta and Bonnie team down at The Looking Glass station. She’s holding her gun because they heard Charlie talking to Desmond, and they hurried to investigate. They weren’t expecting anyone, and suddenly they had three visitors – Charlie, then Desmond, then Mikhail. The Looking Glass was getting positively crowded!

3.05 “The Cost of Living” – Publicity still. When Eko talked to the Smoke Monster disguised as Yemi. The shot they used in the episode showed the cross dangling from Eko’s hand and Yemi gently touching it. Eko was about to “ask for no forgiveness”, and Eko was about to die.

1.10 “Raised by Another” – JACK: Hurley, you’re not helping me understand where you’re— HURLEY: Look, we don’t know who’s living here and who’s still at the beach. I mean, we don’t even know each other. My name isn’t Hurley. It’s Hugo Reyes. Hurley’s just a nickname I have, all right? Why? I’m not tellin’. The point it, we’ve gotta find out who everyone is. JACK: You want to start a census. HURLEY: Yeah, a registry, y’know, names, what people look like, who’s related to who.

1.13 “Hearts and Minds” – Publicity still. Jack and Locke at the caves. I can’t find this in any Season 1 episode. I can’t find this in any Season 1 deleted scene. But I like this picture, and it fits in this episode. This is how Jack and Locke were dressed on this day, they were on friendly terms, and after Locke left Boone to his own devices, he had some time to just hang out, talking to people.