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    But it's a pretty damn tasty green fast food milkshake. Happy St. Patrick's Day


    💚i couldn't resist...


    So there

    May your appalling St. Patrick's Day behavior not end up in a massive viral video demanding you be brought to justice.

    I can't come to the phone right now because you're the one who's calling me.

    read before use

    Preach it! LOL #humor #laughter #food #calories #body #life

    ah ha ha ha

    peanut butter and jelly

    3rd window

    Peace sign? No, I don't live in the sixties and/or I'm not THAT asian. Hand on my hip? Too posey. Hands behind back? No, I'm not going to sunday school. How bout' I just avoid photos all together. Deal.



    Pretty much the only reason I even have a social life.




    true story.

    I'm sorry, BUT this is HILARIOUS!!