Using Altoids tins to organize your junk drawer

Pen Holder | 50 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life Simply stick a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls inside a decorated shoe box to keep your pen stash neatly organized

I know I've been under on the floor too many times trying to find which cord leads to which plug. What a great idea and a awesome reuse of bread bag closures.

Do you tear recipes out of magazines and then don't know what to do with them? Try organizing them in a magazine box, side-ways!

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Hat organizer. Very useful for the girl with minimal storage space. Keeping your closet organized is an easy way to make getting ready every morning less stressful and more time effiecent!

love this basement organization

Magazine racks in the pantry. Who knew?

Gift wrap organization idea

pantry organization...awesome!

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Married Life Organization

bathroom organization - DIY - hang your hairdryer + curling iron to save space. perfect storage solution

The little things people dont usually remember to have. You will be prepared and it is very organized

DIY instructions on making drawer organizer out of balsa

made out of tin cans.

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Drawer organization

Free up a drawer! Magazine files Command strips