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Russian Imperial Faberge Eggs | Imperial Faberge Eggs - made for the Russian Imperial Families

Imperial Faberge Eggs - made for the Russian Imperial Families

Peter Carl Faberge: Russian Jeweler named supplier to the Russian Imperial Court in He made 54 Imperial Faberge eggs for the Tzars Alexander III and Nicholas II.

Russian Egg clock

Faberge Yusupov Egg Gift from Felix Yusupov to wife Zenaida on anniversary. Since 1958 belongs to Edward and Maurice Sandoz of Lausanne.

A Fabergé Egg from the Kremlin Museum collection in Moscow

Who is Peter Carl Faberge? Story (and pictures) behind the Google doodle

Faberge Eggs all included a "surprise" inside ~ A Fabergé Egg from the Kremlin Museum collection

Faberge Imperial Egg.

The Napoleonic egg, sometimes referred to as the Imperial Napoleonic egg, is a Fabergé egg, one of a series of fifty-two jewelled eggs made under the supervision of Peter Carl Fabergé.

Faberge Egg Wedding or Engagement Ring Box

A Faberge Egg-Faberge Wedding Ring Egg Box - Reminiscent of the style of Peter Carl Faberge, warranted court jeweler to the Russian Tsar and Russian nobility.

Faberge Egg - Imperial Fifteenth Anniversary

Faberge Egg - Imperial Fifteenth Anniversary w/ photos of the Imperial family of Russia.

Renaissance Egg,1894  Faberge atelier, Mikhail Perkhin, St Petersburg  Gold, agate, diamonds, rubies, enamel.  Imperial Easter egg presented by Emperor Alexander III to Empress Maria Fedorovna for Easter, 1894.

Russian Imperial Fabergé Renaissance Egg in

The Romanow House Tercentenary Egg, varicoloured gold, silver, steel, portrait diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, turquoise, rock crystal, purpurine, ivory, 1913. Presented by Nicholas II to Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. The Kremlin Armoury Museum, Moscow

Faberge Romanov Tercentenary Egg With 18 tiny portraits of representatives of a reigning dynasty In egg rotating steel blue globe with gold image of the Northern hemisphere: on one color gold designated the territory of Russian borders on other borders of

Catherine the Great Egg - 1914  Given by Nicolas II to his mother.

1914 Catherine the Great Egg (Grisaille Egg or Pink Cameo Egg) was a gift from…