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Sweet, cute, playful messy pillow fights... seriously just pour the salt on my shattered heart...do you ever question if these situations take place in real life, when no camera or photographer are present? Just asking...New Years blues I guess - sry Lane

this could be my parents...I was born in 1949 and we all know it starts with a kiss

Your my heart to babe forever an eternity!:) u mean everything to me ur my everything!:) I can't wait to make u Mrs howerton! !:) I love u babe so much wish there was words for it!!!:) together forever and eternity rite babe?:) my sexy Mrs sassy!:)

North Dakota/Montana. Jesus. Doughnuts. Running. Forests. Film photography. Brewers. Packers. Star gazing. Writing. Drawing. Road trippin'. Reading. Isaiah Instagram: allthetreesofthefield Photography blog:

A good reason to swim in the rain :) "Polina Mehmet." "You can see the bouncing drops on the water. ... Requires a "really" fast shutter speed. ... Had to push the ISO to in order to be able to freeze the drops. That's why the end result is a bit grainy."

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