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Parenting without Saying No

alternatives to saying no to kids even when disciplining

From baking to chores these printable parenting charts will help you and your kids out around the house! Get your kids involved in the chores.

When we yell at our child during heated moments, we've lost an opportunity to teach him a better way.  Don't let that opportunity slip your fingers. Stay calm. Help your child calm down. Say, "Right now your engine is all revved up. Let's take some deep breaths together to help you calm down," or, "You're angry, let's run in place until your anger is gone," or "How can I help you shrink your anger down so we can solve this problem?"

Beauty Through Imperfectionfrom Beauty Through Imperfection

The 1 Trick That Stops Tantrums Before They Start

The 1 Trick That Stops Tantrums Before They Start - Beauty Through Imperfection

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Temper Tantrums {Tips from moms who have been there}

temper tantrum hack ideas

A simple bedtime trick! "When we were kids growing up,our bedtime was always at 8, but if we were in bed by 7:30, we could stay up reading until 8:30. It not only taught us that reading was a reward and not a punishment, but it also got us in bed earlier – extra bonus points for mom!"

How best to handle a child with a temper ... hint, hint: it's not yelling back at them yet isn't that often the way many parents respond, simply out of frustration? Here are peaceful ways to cope and feel good about your parenting at the end of the day. What would you add here?

Living Well Spending Less®from Living Well Spending Less®

5 Tips for Raising Kids You Actually Like

5 Tips for Raising Kids You Actually Like - Living Well Spending Less™

"Here’s a few ways to really notice your child. By notice, I really mean appreciate. By appreciate, I mean fall in love with them all over again day after day after day."

We Will Get Along by Karen M. from Castro Valley, CA, who sent in this photo of her new parenting tactic. This shirt is a brilliant idea! Even if it’s only half working. via The Ellen Degeneres Show #Parenting #Tshirt

I'm pinning this so I have it for later. Saw it on Facebook. It's a chart where the mom gets to choose the severity of the punishment and the kid gets to choose how to get there... Love it!

The Realistic Mamafrom The Realistic Mama

How to Raise a Confident Child

How to Raise a Confident Child - The Realistic Mama...left off a couple of things i would have included, but a good list overall