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I would prefer it say, "Don't judge me because I have sinned differently than you in the past." It's so true and Christian people can be the worst about it and it's wrong. The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short.. And it also says judge not...

never be afraid to try something new. remember, amateurs built the ark. professionals built the titanic. quote

Anyone can be family with love because that is what God is-- love. I have found with age that if you are full of love you will get it, maybe not in all the people you wish but in people you need. I am blessed to have had God show me who these people really are, and the ones that were deceiving me. ~Marika Dye

No... Many times I have cried for joy at the amazing ways God has blessed me - and others doing something I may have never thought of or wasn't able to do myself. When someone hurts you - it is an opportunity to speak your truth in that relationship. Pain leads to a greater appreciation when something pleasurable or wonderful happens. :-)