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... tips from a j. crew stylist - how to roll sleeves, wear scarves, etc.

LOve these tips.Tips from a J. Crew stylist - how to roll sleeves, wear scarves, etc.i learned all of this stuff in just two weeks working at j crew. you don't need a personal stylist to learn these tricks.

how to stretch out shoes that are a half size too small   1.Fill the plastic bag about a third to half way full.    2.Let out as much air as possible from the bag.    3.Insert plastic bag of water into problem area of shoe.   4.Freeze the shoe overnight.   5.Let ice thaw for about 20 minutes before removing from shoe.   6.Try on and repeat if necessary.   7.Enjoy your beautiful, comfy shoes!

Another pinner-person said "Need to try the freezer method. I have one pair of flats I haven't given up on yet (but the thick socks/blow dry method didn't work)" ~ stil would be ineresting to try on those adorable but too-tight shoes

5 ways to roll sleeves: the classic roll, the j.crew roll, the double layer roll, the one step roll, & the cardigan roll.just because my arms are short and all my sleeves are too long doesn't mean I want to look sloppy.

Scarf idea

How to Tie a Scarf: The Fancy Braid

This is a really fantastic site! She helps you to find new ways of wearing clothes you already own and how simple tweaks can transform an outfit. Definitely pin this and don't be put off because she isn't plus size - nearly all the ideas are relative no matter what your size.

A MUST READ! SHE IS GENIUS! Great site for dressing yourself better. She really makes the most of basic clothing items and doesn't make you feel like you have to buy new clothes to be in style.

6 Ways to Tie a Scarf

6 ways to Wear a scarf - I love to wear scarves and usually, I can figure this stuff out but I like to have some inspiration on other days.

How to roll shirtsleeves

31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know 5 steps to J-crew cuffs

Lace dress, ruffled cardigan, gathered scarf and boots from Anthropologie

Take a cute spring/summer dress, pair with cardigan, scarf, leggings/tights and boots to instantly make it ready for Fall! May a slightly more simple dress. I love those tights/leggings!

Stylin' Mommies: August 2012 Maxi skirt t shirt belt necklaces hoop earrings brown bracelets

Affordable outfit ideas geared toward moms.and she just has some super cute outfits (im not a mom, but i can use this for style inspiration!