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Jekyll and Hyde jokes

Jekyl and Hyde

This fabulous joke of the week. | 26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde

The things musicals have taught me - Jekyll and Hyde

Keep calm because this is the moment. - Jekyll and Hyde

Lol, Love Never Dies

Love me some theatre puns.

Ha, Everyone who knows Les Mis is singing this in their heads right now :)

He sees you when you're sleeping... by Muirin007 on deviantART

Oh raoul XD

"Shrek the Musical" -- this is funny because I was in this and I was teen Fiona so I saying "I Know it's today"


Even though I'm no longer in the Les Mis fandom...this. is. funny. Heh, heh, heeeeh!!! XD<----how can you "no longer be in the les mis fandom"

This reminder.

Oh my gosh

I actualy do this...Pop song comes on radio sing harmonies instead of main melody | Thespian Peacock | Meme Generator

bahahahaha I think this made me laugh a little bit too much.