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It's Hummmmp DAAAYYYY!!! I always get excited about Wednesdays....Why? Because I connect live with you!!! Yes I could go live anytime but I like to have regularly scheduled appointment so we'll both know to be in the same place at the right time!! So check me out on Facebook Live tonight at 8 pm EST.. Topic: Ways To Find Clients on Social Media. Be there!!! Put it in your calendar!! Lol!!

The struggle is real!!! After all that birthday fun... It's about to go down...Get Fit or Get Lost!

Happy New Year Loves!!!!

Soooo true!!! I've met some of the dopest females...that SEEMED to fit into the stuck up category...we just cool on the inside! Queens Challenge: In every room you walk into..find the female that seems like they would be stuck up and start a conversation lol... If yall hit it off...great. If not you had a chance to empower yourself and work on your communication skills. #Begreat

How many ideas do you come up with that you never write down? Never plan out? Never achieve?? Don't be part of the dreamers...level up to DOER! Action is everything!!! Will you be about action in 2016?

Happy Charter Day to the Xi Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta #AOML

I painted this for @dr_novokaine..."The Trifecta of a Black man".

Oh Monday...Is that you???? Oh how I love thee!!! How to have an Awesome Week: 1. Set your intentions before the week starts. 2. Plan prepare and persist. 3. Find a positive in any negative. 4. If is doesn't serve you...let it go! Here's to a DOPE week!

Just get better everyday...