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Jeweled Scarab beetle  Its wings are actually really pretty. - - Did somebody put him/her in a galvanising bath? I never want to be a Euchroma gigantea Elytra....

Jewel scarab beetle (Chrysina strasseni) from Honduras.

"The Gold Bug" Chrysina resplendens - Costa Rica and Panama

I might be less afraid of bugs if they were gold.

☆ Silver Beetle :+: By Christopher Marley ☆

Jeweled Scarab by Christopher Marley (Framed) by The Art Studio at Gilt

The scarab beetle is a good omen. I noticed it in the sand after I fell to my knees weeping over the sight of the pyramids.

This is an emerald fruit chafer beetle. I know because I pinned one just a moment ago.

Goliath Beetle |

I took this photo at the Montreal Insectarium, and the whole reason for liking this beetle was the parts near the eyes that look like mega thick eye-lashes. Not many people would find a beetle pretty, but I think this one just looks so flirtatious!


Grant's Rhinoceros Beetle - (Dynastes granti) "King of the Branch" by Bob Jensen, via