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  • Sara Littlefield

    This post made me laugh so hard. There are so many dramatic pictures like these everywhere and honestly, they become a little old and boring to me. I love that someone finally took these pictures and told the truth about what the picture is actually saying, because most of the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with what the quote is saying. When I first saw this post, I was a little confused but then finally understood the humor behind it. Probably one of my favorite written posts so far.

  • Elisa Esterle

    bahahaha Hipster edits. (Some bad language)

  • Esther F.

    Excuse the language but This is hilarious XD "beep beep faggot" xD

  • Cera Hoyer

    you have to check you tumblr4men... funny stuff!!

  • Jenny Henderson

    my fave is the ferris wheel

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