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What does your brand stand for? [inforgraphic] | Performance by Design

What does your brand stand for? [inforgraphic]

Business Branding Through Characterization Guide [Infographic]. What does your brand stand for? Knowing how to characterize your brand is another way of defining what your brand stands for. Most brands fall into one or a blend of these 12 character types

27 Proven Website Marketing Strategies for Businesses on a Tiny Budget #Infographic #SEO #SocialMedia

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Psychology infographic & Advice How Emotional Triggers Get People to Buy - Marketing and Copywriting. Image Description How Emotional Triggers Get People

6 Best Infographics to Understand Content Marketing World. http://www.serverpoint.com/

6 Best Infographics to Understand Content Marketing World

6 Best Infographics to Understand Content Marketing World. http://www.serverpoint.com/

Frightening social media habits that lead to severe social sickness and a massive decrease in productivity

What Type Of Social Media Sickness Do You Have?

Your business name is extremely important. A business name can either attract or repel customers: if your target demographic is erudite, sober...

What's In A Name: The Art Of Naming A Business - You have a great idea but can't think of a fitting name for your business. Here's a guide that will make naming a business a fun and easy endeavour.

Building your personal brand  ** Looking for social media advice or support? Contact me at tom.laine@innopinion.com. Read more about me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomlaine

Building Your Personal Brand. Career Training Solutions, part of Dynamic Worldwide Training Consultants can help

Google + vs Facebook

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An example an editorial calendar for a social media marketing plan  Hootsuite comes through once again with this great advice on how to assemble a social media marketing plan! http://blog.hootsuite.com/how-to-create-a-social-media-marketing-plan/?utm_source=content%20team&utm_medium=owned%20social&utm_campaign=content%20team%20owned%20social%20twitter&hootPostID=8cd4a57383be6f1f1ae6dce6cf757c8f

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps